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The majority of our clients are experienced in wearing a natural looking hair system, however, others have much anxiety and many misconceptions about hair replacements.  It's these times that people will fall prey to the expensive promises of hair growth and questionable methods of attachment, inducing a false sense of security and disappointment.  Eventually we see these clients, however, many dollars too late.  For over 30 years William Coe and his staff have served the community specializing in Non-Surgical Hair Replacemnt to help people with their hair loss concerns.  At Williams Hair Studio, we are here to meet your needs and help you with whatever form of hair replament you desire in a professional and courteous manner.  Williams Hair Studio offers a complete line of the latest hair systems, professional experienced stylists, PRIVATE studios and waiting room and an extensive product line of hair system supplies for all of your service needs.  All initial consultations are private and at no cost to you. For your free initial consultation, call (732) 257-9810 now!

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